Our Appeal for Shared Prosperity

Welcome to the home page of the Coalition for the Fair Redevelopment of Wheaton!

The Coalition is a collection of nonprofit organizations, Wheaton small business owners, and Montgomery County residents that seek to ensure that the existing Wheaton community in Maryland is able to benefit from the area’s proposed redevelopment.

The Coalition believes in the promise of redevelopment and the possibility of strengthening Wheaton’s local economy into the future. However, we don’t want Wheaton’s strengths — its people of diverse incomes and cultures, its small businesses, and its broad array of housing options to accommodate individuals and families alike — to be sacrificed in the process.

A final redevelopment agreement for Wheaton – potentially subsidized by millions of dollars of public taxpayer money — could be signed as early as March 2012.

Do you believe Wheaton deserves more than just what it has coming to it? 

Do you believe developer B.F. Saul should work with Montgomery County officials to jointly articulate clear community benefits in return for a huge public subsidy? 

Do you believe the community’s priorities should be addressed before a final redevelopment agreement is signed?

If so, this is the place for you.  Explore the website and learn how you can help us achieve a stronger Wheaton!


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2 responses to “Our Appeal for Shared Prosperity

  1. DCGUY

    The last thing Wheaton needs is more low income housing. Wheaton and Glenmont need the opposite of that. We need to attract more professionals and mid-high income families. Wheaton’s diversity is becoming its worst enemy as many people shy away from opening businesses or moving to the area because of what the area looks like and the demographic it houses. The area home prices and rents are the lowest in the County. I am agianst incrasing the percentage of MPDU in new develpments. Wheaton has enough of these units.

  2. Thanks for your comment. We want to make sure that the people who work in Wheaton can live in Wheaton, and these type of transit-oriented developments have historically put great pressures on housing costs. You’re right, we do think a balance of housing is important, and under the agreement, 80 percent of the units in the B.F. Saul high-rise apartment project would remain market-rate units. Keep in mind the units that will go above the new Safeway as well. We think a good mix of people and uses in Wheaton is possible, and it fits in with the County’s goal of ensuring a housing stock that accommodates Wheaton’s diverse incomes and cultures.

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