About Us

Coalition member Luis Bonilla, owner of Wheaton small business Choice Electronics, speaks at the November 16, 2011 meeting of the Wheaton Redevelopment Advisory Committee.

The Coalition for the Fair Redevelopment of Wheaton is a collection of Montgomery County residents, small business owners, and nonprofits that seek to ensure that the existing community is able to benefit from the proposed Wheaton redevelopment project.

The Coalition believes in the promise of redevelopment and the possibility of strengthening Wheaton’s local economy into the future. However, we don’t want Wheaton’s strengths — its people of diverse incomes and cultures, its small businesses, and its housing options to accommodate individuals and families alike — to be sacrificed in the process. We also want to make sure that the Wheaton downtown redevelopment project reflects what the community wants.

The Coalition is composed of more than 1,100 supporters including Montgomery County residents, approximately 50 Wheaton small businesses, patients receiving services within the Mid-County Regional Services Center, and nonprofits such as the Latino Economic Development Center, CASA de Maryland, Impact Silver Spring, and Proyecto Salud.

Given the Wheaton Redevelopment project is subsidized by $66 million dollars of public taxpayer money, the Coalition calls upon Montgomery County to make the following key investments to preserve Wheaton’s strengths and plan for the area’s future.

These protections include:

— Ensure that area residents can access job training opportunities and obtain jobs from the redevelopment with living wages
— Provide support to help Wheaton’s small businesses survive construction and attract the new demographic market
— Ensure housing affordability for families in Wheaton by preserving nearby affordable housing
— Strengthen community services in the Mid-County Regional Services Center within a multicultural, intergenerational community center with an integrated service delivery model
— Construct a town square that reflects the multicultural diversity of Wheaton through culturally diverse programming, uses, and design